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Exclusive license are open for an negotiation. Contact Genesis Thegenius for more info.

Email: or Call: 214-881-0860

Beat License Terms

(Short Lease Summary)

ST Standard: Allows you to lease the beat for Mixtape and demo purposes only.

NE Non-Exclusive: Allows you to lease the beat and profit from it (Not just Mixtapes). You are allowed to distribute (Sell) up to 2,500 copies of Digital Media, Mixtapes, Cd's, and other forms of profitable media. All publishing rights are maintained by original producer

(Asking price for Exclusive license are open for an negotiation)

Exclusive: This license allows you to fully monetize (Profit) from this production. You are allowed unlimited amounts of commercial releases for an Audio Album or Single. *You basically have no limits* Publishing is split between you and the producer.


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Sep 30 '13
Music is what feelings sound like.

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